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European Cruises

A Europe Cruise offers a great way to see several European countries and ports of call in a comfortable and pampering way. You can take a Europe Cruise for seven days or more. Even the time limited explorer can enjoy a cruise to Europe .

On a Europe Cruise your itinerary A typical European cruise itinerary can include famous cities like Rome , Barcelona , London , Venice , Athens , Istanbul , St. Petersburg , Oslo , Copenhagen , and Stockholm . European cruises also take you to smaller ports in Europe like Dubrovnik , Santorini, Rhodes, Florence , Monaco , Nice, Sorrento , Taormina and Villefranche.

A European Cruise tour can add to your discoveries by including famous European cities like Paris , Madrid , Budapest , Prague , Berlin , and Vienna .

In addition to sea bound Europe cruises, there are European River Cruises. Cruising Europe by river takes you to the heart of the continent. European River Cruise ships are smaller and more intimate than their ocean bound cousins. The pace on a Europe river cruise is relaxed and intimate with the cruise ships often docking in the heart of the city or town.

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